Thursday, 25 June 2015

Analytics Training in Kolkata

Students from various academic backgrounds and from various professional fields have this question in mind that we have heard about analytics but why should we shift to Analytics domain? The reasons are innumerable. It is important to understand the utility of analytics in the industry. Sectors like banking, retail, pharmaceutical, health care, marketing, finance and various others are including the Data Analytics in their company. The reason behind this massive boom of this domain includes
·        Increasing competition in the market and to remain ahead of the competitors.
·        The global economic environment is changing and all the leading companies within all the sectors are trying to cope up by taking faster decision based on huge datasets of past business performance.
·        Most of the companies are shifting to business intelligence based reports from the traditional reports.
According to Rahul Kanodia, who is the CEO and Vice Chairman of Datamatics, the volume of data is exploding and it is available in various forms and places. He identifies that the big challenge is this huge amount of data is unstructured. Research highlights that this huge amount of electronically stored data can reach to 25 trillion gigabytes by the year of 2020. By mining, retrieving, altering, analyzing this huge amount of data the companies can take strategic decision which help them to prosper. Researchers say, that within 2018 there will be huge need for Data Analysts in various fields within Kolkata, all over India and globally. There is this lack of awareness among people regarding Analytics which is leading to vacant positions all over the world.
NIVT is one of the leading institutions which are providing analytics training in Kolkata since 2008. NIVT is spreading the awareness among students and professionals from different parts of the world, different streams, and different academic background. Throughout these 12 years and running we are providing the best quality guidance to our students which are proven by the 90% score of our analytics students in Global Certification Examination. Within Analytics training NIVT provides SAS, SPSS, R, Advanced Excel and many more. On the other hand NIVT also provides training on Big data Hadoop. Our 100%placement assistance has helped our students to build secured career in this “recession free world”.

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