Thursday, 25 June 2015

Business Analytics Training in Kolkata

Though Business Analytics has its origin in 19th century but then also in 2015 most of the students are ignorant about the Business Analytics Subject as a whole and the importance of this domain in our career.  Most of the students coming from various other streams and varied academic background have heard about Business Analytics but doesn’t possess any clear idea about it. What is Business Analytics? In one line in a very simplified manner Business Analytics is the process in which huge data of  past business performance of any company is analyzed with the help of various tools, technologies and skills to take strategic decision, to make any strategic planning.
Business Analytics include statistical analysis, predictive modeling and quantitative analysis to create competitive strategies and data oriented results which will help any company to take improved strategic decision for their betterment in the future. What are the tools used in Business Analytics? The mostly used tools are SAS, SPSS, R, Advanced Excel under Business Analytics domain. By using these tools
·        Any company can analyze their customer decisions, customer behavior and buying trends.
·        These software help to increase the visibility and the efficiency of the workers and the company as a whole.
·        It helps the stored business performance dataset to transform into effective information for decision making.
SAS is one of the most effective tools under Business Analytics which was originated on 1976 in North Carolina State University. After learning SAS eligible students can work as Data Analyst, SAS programmer, project leader, Research Associate and many more. All over the world and within India also the usage of SAS is increasing day by day.
There are various institutes in Kolkata which claims that they are the one who is the pioneer of Business Analytics training in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. NIVT started its journey as Business Analytics Training Institute in Kolkata from 2008. Slowly it achieved the rank as one of the top 10 analytics institute in India. The students come to NIVT for proper career guidance and build their successful as well as stable career as business analysts. Maximum students of NIVT score 90% marks in the global certification examination. It is NIVT who has created the era of Business Analytics Training in Kolkata now its successful students are paving its way to excellence.

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