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Asp.NET stands for Active Server Pages. Microsoft developed ASP.NET is basically used to create web pages and web technologies. Microsoft has created it as the internal part of the framework vision. is a very important part of the .NET framework. This technology is unparallel as a most accessible tool for the software developers and programmers. With the help of this technology they develop dynamic websites as well as web applications using VB and C#.
ASP.NET on one hand is not restricted to the scripting languages only but also uses the C# language and VB. It helps the developers to use visual studio. ASP.NET is a very frequently used server side technology which can be run by any Windows server.
In the initial years like before the emergence of Internet Information Services (IIS) in the year of 1997, the difference from today’s work is the web page applications were static. It was important to change and modify the static web pages. There was a desperate need of the dynamic web sites and which could be updated automatically.
Microsoft understood this need and developed Active Server Page to meet the expectation of the customers. ASP is used on the server side and the result shows on the user’s web browser. This way it helps the server to create dynamic web pages on the user side based on the actions of the user. 
For the web development these parts are very much important. Without the use of ASP.NET the most popular dynamic web sites like,,, and many other popular web sites could not be this popular as they are now.
There are some most important advantages of ASP.NET over other web development frameworks:
·         ASP.NET in most of the cases reduces the number of codes which are used to build a large amount of web pages.
·         The application of the users is very much safe and secured by the built-in Windows authentication and per-application configuration of the framework.
·         ASP.NET is simple to work and even for the novices also it is very easy to work. It includes the simple form submission and client authentication as well as site configuration.
·         For the source code and HTML, maintaining and writing the ASP.NET pages is not very difficult to write. On the other hand the source code is executed to the server. This helps the webpage to become powerful and flexible.
·         In all the processes are closely monitored that’s why new process can be created when needed. This facility helps the applications to be able to handle constant requests.
· is a server side technology the code execution happens on the server side before it happens on the client side.
· is language independent. This element provides the benefit of choosing the language which is most compatible with the application and provides the access to various other languages.
·         Within the language the web pages and the components those are running on it are continuously monitored by the web server. If the web servers encounter any memory leakage, illegal activities it immediately eliminates those activities and restarts itself.
· also uses page binding technology as well as this is also an application which performs very fast even when it encounters huge amount of clients.
 ASP.NET is the next generation of Microsoft’s ASP version. This is a programming framework used to create web sites, web applications, and technologies. ASP.NET develops applications which are very much efficient in information management and are acceptable globally. is equally compatible with business web pages as well as huge corporate web pages. The most important aspect of this framework is that it is absolutely free.
The demand of qualified professionals is very huge globally. This demand will never decrease but it will keep on increasing. The basis of this demand is this software technology is capable of working with complicated programs. developers on the other hand needs to update themselves constantly to cope with the new technologies and required skills.
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