Thursday, 25 June 2015

Summer training in Kolkata

The theoretical bookish passive knowledge of a student transforms into learning for lifetime when a student learns a subject by hands on training and by his or her own experiences. Experimental learning is always in the centre of every learning process.  Though within education system the teaching process is very much theory oriented but the idea of learning based on experience goes back to time of Aristotle in 350 BCE. In the beginning of 1970 David Kolb developed the “Modern Theory of Experiential Learning”.  This theory highlights the difference between theoretical learning and practical hands on training.
Not only Kolb but John Dewey, Kurt Lewin, Jean Plaget and many more famous people who worked on the importance of learning based on observation and experience. It is proven fact that directly working on any subject or experiencing an object is always much more effective than reading it passively in books. This very idea dominates the summer training concept for the engineering students. Engineering is one of those professions which need practical understanding, creativity, reasoning and ingenuity. Students of BE /B.TECH sometimes underestimate the importance of internship in their college days. As the result the standard of knowledge, skill and education are deteriorating day by day.  The lack of awareness, incorrect choice of training institutes, going with the craze, becoming fooled by other institutes are the major reasons behind this rapidly decreasing amount of skilled people.
NIVT is one of the leading summer training institutes in Kolkata which has identified the gap between theory and practical learning and is offering their students industry oriented training keeping the student need and industry trend in mind. Their mission is the skill development of the students by providing them practical training throughout the 4 week 12classes.   The quality guidance of the experienced faculties and management as well as the updated industry standard course contents are the major reasons why the popularity of NIVT is spreading rapidly among the senior to junior engineering students all over India.

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